Curtain LED Display

LED curtain series is a typical representative of light, thin, transparent screen in the opto-electronic products industry, they are wind resistant, rain proof and fast to install, and good for large area landscaping and color changing, and they are the most impact elements for the areas of outdoor advertising, stage rendering, bars and entertainment.

Products features

1. Slim structure: slim structure design, easy moving and installation.
2. Excellent permeability: maximized permeability to resist wind and rain, easy for the usage of large area.
3. Fast heat dissipation: superior thermal performance, high reliability and stability.
4. Fast installation: light weight, unique structural design and quick installation.
5. Easy maintenance: can be maintained from the front, also can assemble and disassemble with module or single pixel strip.
6. High protection: IP65-IP68 protection level, can be used in the harsh environment.
7. Superior display: brightness adjustment without reducing of  gray scale, full color performance with professional adjustment technology.


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