Fast Assamble

1.Ultra-thin: only109mm for cabinet

2.Front & Rear Maintenance: module could disassemble swiftly only use tool to screw on the cabinet front, no tools for rear

3.Anti-proof: with front &rear waterproof design, IP65 protection level

4.Light-weight: adopt alloy aluminum for module shell and cabinet,

5.Good heat dissipation: adopt alloy aluminum for module shell and cabinet, lateral heat dissipation hole are good for heat dissipation

6.More safety: with protection rope for module back to avoid damage occur when dropping down

1.Good heat dissipation:
The hole around the cabinet, better for the heat out

2.Module disassemble and maintenance :
Before open a door, need to remove 2pcs module. Using hexagon wrench, insert to the hole, rotate then remove modules

3. Front & Rear Maintenance

4. Ultra-thin , 6 kinds of size for cabinet

SpesifikasiParameter   Model   
Pixel Pitchmm102520161086
Physical Densitydot/m210000160025003906100001562527777
LED Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
LED TypeDIP346DIP346DIP346DIP346SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Module Sizemm*mm320*160400*200320*320320*320320*320320*320288*288
Module Resolutionw*h32*1616*816*1620*2032*3240*4048*48
Driver Mode1/4 ScanStaticStaticStatic1/4 Scan1/5 Scan1/8 Scan
Grey Scale14bit14bit14bit14bit14bit14bit14bit
Refresh RateHz≥960≥960≥960≥960≥960≥960≥960
Max Power Consumptionw/m2≤650≤600≤530≤710≤960≤960≤1100
Average Power Consumptionw/m2216~325200~300176~265236~325320~480320~480360~550
Viewing AngledegHorizontal≥110°; Vertical≥55°Horizontal≥110°; Vertical≥55°Horizontal≥110°; Vertical≥55°Horizontal≥110°; Vertical≥55°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°
Ingress ProtectionFront IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54

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