Outdoor AD SMD Series

AD-SMD serial products,anti-UV and waterproof, are triple SMT lamps with advanced technology, which is the field trend currently. 120˚ Vertical and horizontal viewing angle broaden dispaly‘s viewing angle greatly. High Brightness SMT lamp can fully meet the needs for outdoor use.

1.High brightness :Outdoor durable DIP lamp with high brightness from 7000 -10000nits to match different working condition;

2.Energy saving : Using power saving IC driver and special design PCB ,lower current power supply to save energy more than 30% ;

3.High uniformity &contract : Selected small tolerance wavelength led lamp and strict use good contract mask to bring a super shinning display ;

4.Anti-UV module : Anti-Oxidation module frame with anti-UV material to protect high temperature ultraviolet radiation and salty area ;

5.IP65 waterproof protect :With car waterproof gasket around the cabinet door ,bring a super water and dusty protection

6.Reliable :working life-span with 100000hours ,help customers earn more profits ;

7.Multi-control method : Synchronous and asynchronous are optional.

SpesifikasiParameter  Model  
Pixel Pitchmm56.6781016
Physical Densitydot/m2400002250015625100003906
LED Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
LED TypeSMD2525SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Module Sizemm*mm160*160320*320320*320320*320256*128
Module Resolutionw*h32*3248*4840*4032*3216*8
Driver Mode1/8 Scan1/6 Scan1/5 Scan1/4 ScanStiatic
Grey Scale14bit14bit14bit14bit14bit
Refresh RateHz≥960≥960≥960≥960≥960
Cabinet Resolutionw*h128*128144*144120*12064*48
Max Power Consumptionw/m2≤1100≤850≤960≤1350≤1350
Average Power Consumptionw/m2360~550280~425320~480450~675450~675
Cabinet Sizemm*mm640*640960*960960*9601024-7681024-768
Viewing AngledegHorizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°Horizontal≥120°; Vertical≥120°
Ingress ProtectionFront IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54Front IP65, Rear IP54


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