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AD-SMD serial products,anti-UV and waterproof, are triple SMT lamps with advanced technology, which is the field trend currently. 120˚ Vertical and horizontal viewing angle broaden dispaly‘s viewing angle greatly. High Brightness SMT lamp can fully meet the needs for outdoor use.

Products features

1. Choose high quality LED chip, wider viewing angle, high-contrast ,good flatness(±0.2mm), wavelength stability.
2.Fireproof PC module suite which has good performance of heat dissipation, ensure the strength and shape stability of the product, can be used all over the world in different climatic zones, adapt to the temperature in the range of -20 ℃ ~ 65 ℃.
3.The unique design of waterproof cabinets can be directly used for outdoor,which have features as IP65 standard, natural convection cooling, energy-saving, safety and environmental protection…
4.Module design can be applied to different screen size requirements and easier maintenance.
5.Highly effective for transportation and screen assembling.
6.100,000 Hours long life span.
7.S-VIDEO,TV,RGB,VGA,DVI,HDMI,PC-V,etc input signal.
8.Data transmission:Network Cable(L≤150m); multi-mode fiber(L≤500m);Single mode fiber(L≤20km)

Pixel Pitchmm8mm10mm12mm12mm20mm25mm31mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B2R1G1B2R1G1B4R2G2B
LED TypeDIP246DIP 346DIP 346DIP 346DIP546DIP546DIP546
Module Sizemm256x128160x160192x192192x192320x160400x200250x250
Refresh RateHz1000100010001000100010001000
Pixel Densitypixel/m2156251000069446944250016001024
Viewing Distancem8M10M12M12M20M25M31M
Ingress ProtectionIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 R
Cabinet Sizemm1024x1024x160960x960x160960x960x160960x960x1601280x960x1801200x1000x1801000x100x180
Frame RateHz50/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/60
Pixel Per PanelDots128x12896x9696x9696x9664x6448x4032x32
Viewing AngelH110 : V55IP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 RIP65 F / IP54 R
Gray Scalelevel color16384163841638416384163841638416384
Input VoltageVAC110~240110~240110~240110~240110~240110~240110~240
Max Power Consumptionw/m21000/500850/300750/380750/380650/300600/280600/280
Driving MethodScan1 / 41 / 81 / 41 / 4StaticStaticStatic
Operating Temperature-20C - 65C-20C - 65C-20C - 65C-20C - 65C-20C - 65C-20C - 65C-20C - 65C


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